Business School Professionals Conference 2019

A „Business School Professionals Conference 2019” has took place in Vienna, Austria on the 1st – 2nd of July 2019. The meeting was organized by Association of AMBA’s and Business Graduates Association. The conference had took place on the campus of the WU Executive Academy. The event was attended by representatives of different business schools which have MBA studies in their offer. The conference was similar to lectures conducted by the people working for the AMBA accreditation and those who are cooperating with it.

On the first day the Dean of WU Executive Academy prof. Barbara Stöttinger gave a speech welcoming all participants. One of the most interesting lectures was the one conducted by prof. Bodo B Schlegelmilch from the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. The culmination of the last day was an interview with a graduate of WU Executive Academy, who had finished their MBA Program – Wolfgang Sulzgruber.

The conference was attended by employees from two units of Wrocław University of Economics, the staff of the Executive MBA Office – Aleksandra Mikła and Adrianna Szeliga, and the staff of Business Cooperation Centre – Ałła Witwicka-Dudek and Iwona Wochnik.

The time spent in Vienna was a great opportunity to share different perspectives and experiences towards the MBA with other participants.