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Master thesis

Information for Executive MBA students, who are submitting Master thesis in the academic year 2019/2020

June term – I deadline
Theses should be uploaded to the Archive of Diploma Theses (APD) by 15.06.2020. 
  Diploma exams will take place at June / July 2020.
September term – II deadline
Theses should be uploaded to the Archive of Diploma Theses (APD) by 15.09.2020. 
  Diploma exams will take place at September / October 2020.

Before submitting master thesis:

    1. After acceptation of your thesis by promoter, you must upload your work to the Archives of Diplomas (APD) (attachement 1). To upload a thesis to APD, prepare: the file in .pdf format with the name MBA- [student number] -2020, abstract and key words (in Polish and English).

    2. After uploading the thesis to APD, it will be automatically checked by the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System (Jednolity System Antyplagiatowy JSA).

    3. When the information about the acceptance of the thesis and the result of JSA by the promoter appears in the APD system, the thesis with all documents can be submitted to the EMBA Office by mail:
    Program EMBA
    Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny we Wrocławiu
    ul. Komandorska 118/120
    53-345 Wrocław

    ATTENTION! Only those works that have been approved in the Archives of Diplomacy will be accepted.

Thesis, along with required documents, should be submitted at MBA Office:

    1. One copy intended to files printed from the APD. Whole thesis should be printed in A4 format (two pages of thesis at one page – horizontally, double-sided). This copy should be perforated along longer edge and bounded with cotton ribbon.

    Your thesis has to contain a statement about independent preparation of work as well as a statement about an agreement to share your thesis with other students or people interested in it, signed by hand by thesis author. Statements (attachment 2) should be included at the end of your thesis.

    In exceptional cases, a thesis may be confidential, eg due to confidential data contained in the thesis. An application for permission to not disclose the master’s thesis should be submitted to the Dean of Students Affairs (attachment 8). In case of work being kept in secret, you have to include “Confidential Thesis” on the top of the title page (red-colored, font size 14).

    Student decides with superviour about font, spacing and margins. Title page and table of contents should be printed in both English and Polish on separate sheets and insert in order:

    • – Title page in English (attachment 4),
    • – Title page in Polish ( attachment 3),
    • – Table of contents in English,
    • – Table of contents in Polish.


    Students, who are writing their thesis in Polish, should insert first pages in following order:

    • – Title page in Polish,
    • – Title page in English,
    • – Table of contents in English,
    • – Table of contents in Polish.


    2. Kolor print from the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System (Jednolity System Antyplagiatowy JSA).

    3. Fulfilled clearance slip (attachment 5).

    4. Fulfilled form of graduate’s fate examination (attachment 6).

    5. Fulfilled Alumni Association questionnaire – (attachment 7).

    6. Student Card.

    7. Confirmation of payment for master’s diploma (100 PLN).


Rules of conducting Master:

The diploma exam aims to test knowledge, skills and social competences in the field of learning outcomes and program content implemented in a given field of study. During the diploma exam the student should demonstrate that:
- is able to comprehensively present the answers to the diploma thesis questions and learning outcomes related to the field of study, using theoretical knowledge and the results of own research,
- he conducts the argument logically, using clear and precise language.

The diploma exam is conducted orally and consists in answering questions asked by the commission.

The diploma exam consists of three questions that allow you to verify the level of learning outcomes achieved for a major, i.e.:

a) the first question formulated by the chairman of the commission, which asks a detailed question on a subject covering content implemented under the specialty,
b) the second question < b>formulated by the supervisor, should refer to the theoretical part of the thesis in relation to the learning outcomes specified for the field of study,
c) the third question formulated by the reviewer, should relate to research results and aims to verify social competences, in particular in the area of conducting scientific research. The student should specify the manner of conducting the research, justify the selection of the research methods used and present the conclusions resulting from the study.
The exam in the second and third question may also include a presentation of significant achievements of the diploma thesis.

During the defense of the thesis at Executive MBA studies, Student < is obliged to present to the committee a multimedia presentation on his thesis and research.. The presentation should be agreed with the Master's thesis supervisor.


It is possible to submit a master's thesis up to 2 years after being struck off the list of students (due to failure to submit the thesis on time).

Previous students, who have been removed due to failing to submit their thesis, who have completed their thesis and have obtained the Promoter's approval, submit an application to the Dean for Student Affairs for resumption of studies in order to conduct the diploma examination (Annex 9) with written confirmation of admission of the diploma thesis to be checked in the system JSA.


APD instruction
attachment 1
attachment 2
Title page in Polish
attachment 3
Title page in English
attachment 4
Clearance slip
attachment 5
Form of graduate’s fate examination
attachment 6
Alumni Association questionnaire
attachment 7
An application for permission to not disclose the master’s thesis
attachment 8
Application for resumption during the defense
attachment 9