Wrocław, 10.03.2018

Dear Graduates!

The day of graduation ceremony is also the day, when You have achieved another goal. But, Executive MBA studies meaning is not only about diploma or certificate. It’s also about people, who are creating it and who are being a part of it. These are people, who are building mutual relations and repeatedly crossing theirs professional path. A lot of graduates uses these relations in field of acquiring well-qualified management, professional migration, but also in developing their business partner network.

Noticing high potential, that lies dormant in graduates of Executive MBA program of Wrocław University of Economics we decided to appoint Alumni association – The Graduate Club, which goals will be:

  1. To gather graduates of Executive MBA program of Wrocław University of Economics in organization acting for maintaining constant contact, experiences exchange and providing peer support.
  2. Popularization of high quality management standards in all sectors of the economy.
  3. Help with Executive MBA graduates professional carrer development and further training in the field of organization and management.
  4. Cooperation with institutions, organizations and associations with similar activity goals.
  5. Inspiring and conducting variety of forms popularizing the goals of the association.
  6. Giving opinions and inferences in cases related to company’s entrepreneurship development.
  7. Giving opinions and inferences in cases related to investments planned by state and local government units.

Association will accomplish its goals through:

  1. Organization of meetings, conferences, symposia, trainings, internships, lectures and presentations.
  2. Organization of cyclical, occasional graduate conventions, ceremonial banquets, activities encouraging to physical culture development and recreation as well as organization of joint domestic and foreign trips.
  3. Obtaining financial resources for statutory purposes
  4. Creation of a contribution and a donation fund.
  5. Active participation in making decisions important for the EMBA Program of the Wrocław University of Economics development.
  6. Consulting in business and management area.
  7. Acquisition and dissemination of information about work places among Executive MBA program graduates.

We warmly congratulate on completing the program and invite you to further development with the MBA Alumni Club,

Initiatiors Graduates


If You want to join us and be a part of Alumni Club, we invite you to contact with us via e-mail –