Educational goals

Our ambition is to attract the students who are of a very high level of social diversity: graduates from different fields of study, at different age (both young and those with rich professional experience), with professional practice in different types of business and nonbusiness organizations, including different kinds of their business profiles, originating from

different countries and ethnic groups, of different sex, of different political and religious orientations, of different marital status etc., but at the same time all of them need to be able to respect the distinctness of others and express desire, willingness and capability of applying the norms and rules of customary social intercourse.

The main goal:

The main goal of the educational offer within the Executive MBA Program is to provide the students with an integrated vision of a company (organization) in the free market economy and develop knowledge and skills which are indispensable in formulating and analyzing the company’s problems, skills needed to make decisions within the scope of these problems, and skills which are necessary to realize these decisions in the context of changing external and internal environment.

Precise objectives:

  • Acquire the solid basis of competencies in the main fields of company activities, such as: marketing, production, finance, accounting, human resources management, strategy and policy of enterprise.
  • Understand the company’s environment and the mechanisms of its functioning.
  • Develop an ability to manage teams as well as an ability to work and communicate in teams.
  • Acquire appropriate analytical, planning and operational skills which may be demanded in complex practical situations.
  • Develop capability to quickly and realistically conceptualize decisional problems and to accurately evaluate the direct and remote consequences of decisions being taken.
  • Acquire an ability to learn continuously and make use of the modern scientific methods and IT tools that support decision making and problem solving.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills needed to cooperate in a multicultural environment and necessary to perform managerial tasks in an international setting.