Profile of the candidate

The addressees of the Executive MBA Program are active professionals:

  • who possess at least 3 years of managerial experience (e.g. performed different kinds of functions of managerial character, leaders and coordinators of projects, entrepreneurs),
  • mortarboard
  • who are graduates from schools of higher education (national or foreign schools), who represent various majors: polytechnic, general academic, agricultural, medical, artistic, humanistic etc., and hold a master’s diploma,
  • Lista"
  • as well as those who are graduates from business, management or engineering schools (public or nonpublic) and hold a bachelor’s or engineer’s diploma,
  • Książka
  • whose minds are open to acquire new knowledge and skills and who have that drive to develop their managerial competencies in a continuous process,
  • Wsparcie
  • who are willing to share their own experience with other participants of the Executive MBA Program and who are capable of deriving from the diversity of experiences of other people,
  • Certyfikat
  • who desire to gain within the Executive MBA Program an academic education and master’s degree in the scope of management - which are necessary for managerial career development.